YMCA Houston inspires change with two new TV spots


HOUSTON, TX – The YMCA of Greater Houston is releasing two new television spots to highlight its community impact and provide a new first impression of the organization that will ultimately inspire change. Set to a remake of the Village People’s iconic song “YMCA,” the two 30-second spots follow people who receive essential support from the YMCA of Greater Houston. Last year, the Y launched its local campaign “Not a Place. A Purpose” to communicate how the Y is more than buildings and exists to bring real change to issues affecting Houston neighbors. TV spots bring to life the many ways the Y supports individuals and families.

“We are part of the community and many people don’t realize that we are much more than a building. We resettle refugees, work with food banks to provide essential supplies to people in need, help teens thrive by providing activities to keep them connected and engaged, solve isolation for the elderly and much more. said Stephen Ives, President and CEO of the YMCA. of Greater Houston. “The rewrite of the song is captivating and will have you singing. The lyrics inspire viewers to slow down their daily lives and learn how the YMCA of Greater Houston supports the community and how you can be part of the change.

“Hero” features a young mom, a lonely widow, and a teenager searching for different kinds of support systems. The story showcases the strong community fostered within each YMCA – a place where people of all ages, demographics, and backgrounds can find solace and support with the help of their YMCA’s regular members. local. The spot began airing in May in Houston markets.

The YMCA will add “Young Mom” ​​to the rotation to illustrate a deeper story about young working mothers. The spot communicates the struggle to balance work and family life while raising children. The YMCA gives hope to these young mothers through its flexible after-school programs that act as a home for their children. The commercial began airing on July 11.

Click here to see the spots.

For more information about the YMCA of Greater Houston, please visit www.ymcahouston.org and follow the organization on Facebook @YMCAHouston and Instagram @YMCAHouston.


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