Webberville honors one of their own in a unique way.



Like many small villages across the country, there is a certain charm to Webberville. Neighbors help neighbors. One resident stands out, however, Mr. Bill Wheeler, this week’s good neighbor.

Williamston Photographer

Bill Wheeler and his wife celebrate

Mark Forbush is the State Director of the Future Farmers of America and a fan of Bill Wheeler.

“There isn’t an agriculture professor who doesn’t know who Bill Wheeler is in our state, and many in the region as well. He was so sweet and he was so genuine. And he spent time with each person and got to know you personally.

No matter who you talk to from Webberville, you get the same story when you mention Bill Wheeler’s name.

Bill Schoff taught with Bill Wheeler at Webberville Schools.


The Bill Wheeler Journal

Williamston’s Journal

Bill Wheeler featured in the newspaper

Bill Wheeler has spent most of his life in Webberville. For over three decades he was a teacher. For over 40 years, he coordinated the annual harvest to end hunger. Mr. Wheeler was very involved with Webberville FFA, the Garden Club, the Masonic Lodge, the Lions, the list goes on and on. He was even the Webberville Citizen of the Year.

Last month Mr. Wheeler lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

Bill Wheeler loved people and his reach was wide!

“We live in Florida in the winter,” says Bill’s friend Tom Slider. “We live in the small town of Inglewood, which is maybe the size of Fowlerville. We were having lunch one day, and a guy at the table next to us asked, “You guys from Michigan? “Yeah, we’re from Michigan. ” ‘Where do you come from?’ “Webberville”. “Hey, do you know Bill Wheeler?” It happened 1300 miles away!

A year ago, the Webberville Downtown Development Authority was looking for a way to honor Mr. Wheeler for his contributions to the village. It was then that they had this unique idea. A statue made of old tractor parts that looks like the man so much love and respect.

Bill Wheeler Sculpture

Elie Zech

Bill Wheeler sculpture

Mr Wheeler had the opportunity to view the statue and his son David said he was upset.

“The best compliment is if the person who’s still alive you’re doing something for says, ‘Wow, how did you know I love tractor parts? That they’re imperfect, but when you put them together, bang Look at what you’ve got; something that looks like me. Most importantly, his heart was always on the outside.

Jeannie Bauer-Bosworth is a former student and friend of Bill.

“The artists who did this said he watched over the city as people came and went and greeted them. And also, as the children grow up and leave town and continue with their new life and new journey, he says, see you soon, I wish you the best. But remember where your roots come from!


williamston newspaper

Bill Wheeler Field Teacher

Bill Wheeler, for your contribution to the village of Webberville, your dedication to FFA and the thousands of students and teachers you have mentored… you are the good neighbor of this week.

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