Village primary school on “rat run” where 20-year-old was killed wants permission to build a parking lot to improve road safety


Governors at All Saints C of E Elementary School in New Longton are looking to create a new 28-space parking lot on part of a school lot off Hugh Barn Lane. The site is currently used as a cutting track area.

The existing parking lot has only seven spaces, so staff and visitors are forced to park on the main road outside the school or in adjacent streets nearby. This means that traffic between Longton and Whitestake is forced onto a lane outside of the school, leaving motorists to “take a chance” and often speed up to get through the narrowing quickly.

In August, Lewis Turner, a 20-year-old moped, died after being struck by a car at the junction of Sheephill Lane and Station Road, outside the school. The incident happened on a Saturday during school vacation, and exact details have yet to be released on the cause of the crash, but it has drawn attention to road safety.

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Principal James Maloney in front of his school

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Manager James Maloney said he has been working on a solution for the past five years and is hopeful the parking plans will be approved. He received support – both financial and in writing – from the Parish Council of Longton.

He said: “We want to bring positive change for the village.

“It’s a mad rush to the A59, so if we can limit the risk of a serious accident or death by making a positive change to our infrastructure, we will.

Parked cars causing traffic problems outside the school.

“We take care of 213 families and our responsibility is to protect the center of their world. If we are to scrimp and save to make a positive change, then I will do it in the blink of an eye.”

Mr. Maloney added that the school also has a responsibility to the residents of the village and wishes to help improve road safety for the community and residents of side streets affected by parking.

Converting the site into a parking lot would not mean that the children lose the activities of the finishing trails – the school has already invested in the regeneration of the “upper field” on its site, in order to create a usable green space for the pupils.

In the long term, it is expected that the existing parking area will provide an extension to the school playground layout.

Mr. Maloney with the speed awareness sign in his playground, near the site where Lewis Turner was killed.

Access to the new parking lot is offered off Hugh Barn Lane and although it is a new access point, planners say this would not negatively impact the road network “because the completion of this program would help alleviate the current congestion on the road associated with the operation of the school.

In a document sent to South Ribble Borough Council, they add: “A new walkway planned inside the site will provide secure access for those parking in the parking lot at the main school building. A visibility gap of 2.4 mx 43 m is displayed at the entry point indicating good visibility for vehicles exiting the parking lot. “

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