This woman from China with the strangest disease hasn’t slept in 45 years


Nowadays, with immense pressure at work, many suffer from insomnia, a condition where people find it difficult to sleep at night. We often hear people going through therapy sessions to cure it and that helps in the long run. But have you ever heard of someone who hasn’t slept for years? Well, here’s the story of a woman from China who hasn’t slept for 45 years.

Li Zhanying, a resident of Henan Province in China, was troubled by this strange illness which does not let her sleep for even a second. The 45-year-old claims she hasn’t even slept a minute in 40 years. The last time she slept was around the age of 5-6.

Li’s husband, Liu Suoquin, justified his claim of the disease. He admits to not having seen his wife sleeping after the wedding to this day. Not only that, Li continues to do household chores to pass the time at night. Initially, Liu, her husband, even bought sleeping pills that could help her sleep well, but which were also unnecessary.

Despite his difficult life, Li is very popular in his village. People who live nearby come to play cards with her outside her house at night to take Li’s test for fun. What happens after a while is that the others fall asleep while Li stays quite awake.

Li saw many doctors, but no one was able to suggest anything useful or anything that might help him.

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