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Trustees discuss buying Rebozo property

At a meeting Tuesday evening, the village board continued discussions about purchasing an eight-acre parcel on Crandon Boulevard. The land, currently planted with palm trees, belongs to Charles “Bebe” Rebozo.

Administrator Mort Fried said he had spoken with Rebozo about buying all or part of the plot. “I have spoken with Mr. Rebozo and he is not against selling the land,” Fried said. “I also discussed the value of the property with the president of Key Biscayne Bank.”

According to Fried, preliminary estimates put the value of the land at $800,000 per acre. If this price is confirmed, the Village could buy the complete lot for 6.8 million dollars.

Although the administrators have already discussed buying the leaflet, they did not indicate what it might be used for. “It would be prudent to determine what we will do with the land,” administrator Joe Rasco said.


Carolina Orozco, Steven Minor and JT Aldridge hone their tennis skills at the Key Biscayne Tennis Association’s Spring Break Camp.

Erbel wins the volunteer award

Ron Erbel, Captain of the Key Biscayne Volunteer Fire Department, was named the winner of the 1992 Volunteer Award for the Metro-Dade Fire Department.

Erbel was chosen for his “dedication to community safety, personal development in the field of emergency medical services and outstanding assistance to Metro-Dade units,” according to a fire department press release.

Erbel was recently named the 1991 Florida State Volunteer Firefighter of the Year after assisting in the rescue of a traffic victim.

Ron Erbel passed away on April 9, 2022.

Travel inward

Steve Chasen

Steve Chasen

When people think of Australia, many first conjure up images of koala bears nestling in trees and men dressed like the cinematic Crocodile Dundee.

Steve Chasens, a 17-year-old Key Biscayne resident and Crandon Park lifeguard, doesn’t even mention these things when talking about his upcoming trip to the lands Down Under. Instead, he talks about the diversity of Australia’s coastal areas and the country’s incredible surfing conditions.

With most of his stuff in storage, Chasens plans to be away for at least six months. He describes his trip as more than a trip or a vacation. “It’s an inward journey for me,” he says. “I want to know more about myself. I think that’s where the real journey lies.

Pets benefit from a fitness routine

Merethe Johnson and her dog Honey

Merethe Johnson and her dog Honey

Full of energy and with her tongue hanging out, Honey runs at a brisk pace to follow her owner, Merethe Johnson, on her bicycle. The big brown dog is used to their morning outings, accompanying Johnson on trips to the market, the post office or just to watch the ocean.

With more and more people incorporating exercise routines into their lives, many are bringing their pets along as well. Although the reasons vary, fitness enthusiasts are beginning to realize that their pets benefit from an exercise program just as much as they do.

“I always cycle around the island with Honey,” says Johnson. “I know how much she can take and I’m not pushing her.”

Seeing the two together, it’s hard to say which enjoys going out the most.


Camilla Velasquez, Sabrina Borsani, Jennifer Skyler and Liana Nedeff

Camilla Velasquez, Sabrina Borsani, Jennifer Skyler and Liana Nedeff express their thanks for a donation from the Key Biscayne Women’s Club which was used to purchase camping gear.

Chandra, are these prices still valid?


In 1992, Chandra de Silva operated the Seafood Depot Market and Restaurant in the Crandon Arcade. Today his restaurant, La Scala, is located in the same space.


JP Portela

JP Portela is ready for the game, with Robert Zamora at first base.


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