Telada Village of Gujarat Will Voluntarily Strictly Enforce Alcohol Ban


Navsari (Gujarat), July 26 (IANS): Learning from the tragedy of Barwala Hooch, the village of Telada in Gujarat voluntarily decided to strictly enforce the alcohol ban.

A delegation of villagers led by the village of Sarpanch AZ Rathod submitted a letter to the district superintendent of police asking for help in implementing the ban in the village.

The villagers passed a resolution in which it was decided that no one would make, sell, or drink country liquor, and that no one would bring IMFL into the village, sell, or drink.

Sarpanch told local media: “There are a few people who run a countryside alcohol distillery. People buy and drink alcohol. Every year at least seven to eight young people die due to alcohol addiction. “Alcohol. And all the social and economic responsibilities fall on the widows. , this problem is becoming very serious and needs to be solved. So this decision was taken by the village.

Navsari Deputy Superintendent of Police SK Rai said, “Villagers from Telada visited me to ask for our support. I assured them that police patrols will be reinforced in the village. flows through the village.”


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