Storms destroy backpacks for students at Hartford School – NBC Connecticut


At least 100 backpacks that were due to be handed over to students at Hartford School today, before the start of the new school year, were destroyed by rain and Tropical Storm Henri. The Village for Families and Children is looking for donations to replace what has been lost.

The Village for Families & Children said boxes containing at least 100 backpacks that were to be given to students at Hartford Public School before the first day of school were destroyed due to rain and storms.

The Village for Families & Children, a Hartford-based organization, provides assistance to students at many Hartford public schools and said the need for that support has already increased this year.

The Village for Families and Kids plans to launch a social media campaign later today in hopes of getting help getting new backpacks.

They said school uniforms, adapted shoes and comfortable backpacks are in high demand as students at Greater Hartford return to in-person learning this fall amid the pandemic, which has closed schools and dismissed them. students at home for distance learning.

The Families and Children Village accepts donations. Find out more or make a donation here.


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