Springholm Nursery aims to return to village school as council launches tender



The Springholm Nursery intends to return home.

The town hall has launched a call for tenders to take over the nursery space currently being created at the village primary school.

And Springholm Nursery – which is currently based at the village town hall – is hoping their offer will be successful.

If they did, it would mean a return to their original home when the group began in 1985.

Nursery committee chair Tracey Smithers said: “The school already has a lot of connections with Springholm Nursery – over the years many children who grew up in the nursery have gone to school. .

“I think it would benefit the whole village and encourage more families with young children to come here, although we have children from Crocketford, Corsock and Kirkpatrick Durham so it’s not just Springholm.”

Three outdoor learning modules are going to be built at Springholm Primary, while there are also plans to convert a classroom into a nursery.

The tender documents show that the local authority is looking for an experienced service provider specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an outdoor environment. This is something Ms Smithers believes the nursery – which currently has nine young people – is already providing.

She added: “We already do a lot of outdoor learning with chick rearing and tours to see the beehives.

“Springholm Primary does a lot of outdoor learning and there are three kids who were at Springholm Nursery and love to be in the playground.

“We were talking in a meeting on Monday about what would happen if someone else got the tender. I hope we can continue.

“But charity documents show that when the nursery started in 1985 it was in school and we would like to go back.”



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