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Hello, Three Villages! Catch up with each other to start this day on an informed note. These are the most important things happening today at Three Village.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Clear all day. High: 66 Low: 53.

Here are the best stories today at Three Village:

  1. Outstanding leader of three villages in district education in Suffolk publishes its own ranking of schools each year. Here at Three Village, the school district has established itself as a major contender. Building on an already Steller reputation, the Three Village School District ranked number two in Suffolk County, receiving top marks for our children’s education. Notch assesses metrics such as health and safety, student clubs and activities, and percentages of students proficient in math and reading. Three Village continued to rise to the top with A plus ratings. We know that little people are in good hands when we send them out each morning, but it’s always nice to receive distinguished recognition as a local leader for investing villages in the educational success of young people. (Niche)
  2. Art exhibition on the Stony Brook campus: An exhibition at the Charles B Wang Center features 11 stories of immigrant voices speaking out against injustice such as racial profiling and issues of race, class and disability. Based on a graphic novel titled “Our Stories Have Got Us Here”, this is a revolutionary display of pigment topics. The installation runs until December 10 and highlights the experiences of immigrants from developing countries, including Chad and Guatemala, through brilliant illustrations. It’s free for the public. The community of Three Village is fortunate to have the opportunity to address the issues of inequity that our entire country grapples with. Having the opportunity to access an artistic conversation about such complex realities can convey the authenticity of the subjects to those artists who come from a distant world and deal with every day. Having an exhibition like this in the Skylight Gallery is emblematic of the care and inclusion that defines our community. Step outside and take a look at how the scales tip for so many people who got their start in faraway places, but whose feelings and influences have become a part of who we are here. This type of creative and meaningful speech through art adds real meaning to our community conversations. (Stony Brook University)
  3. Study shows climate change could alter marine food web: Climate change is redistributing biodiversity globally, and changes in the distribution of organisms often follow the speed and direction of environmental change. Research by scientists at the School of Marine and Atmosphere Science (SOMAS) at Stony Brook University reveals that this phenomenon affects the distribution of large marine mammals relative to their prey, which could have important implications for dynamics. of the marine food web. (Stony Brook News)
  4. Stony Brook weather: The big thunder was on the horizon! A swift but fierce storm swept through the area this afternoon, darkening the sky. In addition to a few ominous storm clouds, the rain fell with a familiar intensity. The late fall thunderstorm surprised schoolchildren and outdoor revelers. Yet despite the hauntingly forceful rains, he quickly calmed down. In recent times we have had an unusual number of intense weather events. The squall this afternoon was remarkable for a quick start but just seemed to pass. Nice to sing in the rain! (Weather underground)

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Today at Trois Villages:

  • SEPTA Meeting 7:00 PM MS MPR – Port Jefferson School District. (12h00)
  • PTA Joint Council (NC) 10 am-1pm – Three Village Csd. (12h00)
  • Live Performance: Developer’s Midnight Fantasy at the Ashely Schiff Reserve. (13h)
  • 4th Annual Walk of Hope – Stony Brook University. (13h)
  • Zoom Discussion – “Pandemic Podcasting, Stony Brook Style”. (13h)
  • Meet the Art: All Aligned with Sol LeWitt. (6.30 p.m.)

Three Villages Patch Notebook

  • Stony Brook Football:Wolves of the Week Attack: Hunter Hayek Defense: Brandon Lopez Special Teams: Seba Nekhet. (Instagram)
  • Stony Brook Football: “We’re back to CAA football for this edition of Rhody Football Game of the Week Saturday, October 2 at 12:00 PM Kingston, RI Flo Football.” (Instagram)
  • Stony Brook University: “One of the two main things students stress is money; the other is classes. The start of the semester, for me and many others, is trying to find money for the students. books, tuition, housing and other personal necessities. ” (Facebook)
  • Civic association of the three villages: “Save the Sound was one of the environmental groups represented at Setauket Harbor Day this Saturday. They just released their 2021 Long Island Sound Beach report. The water quality on beaches in the Three Village area is between a Ba. ” (Facebook)
  • Stony Brook University Police Department: “Hey Sea Wolves! Save the Date! This Friday 5-7pm come spend some time at Staller Steps for UPD Fall Fest! We’ve teamed up with student engagement and activities, recreation and well- be, SBU Round net and the volleyball club. ” (Facebook)
  • Historical Society of the Three Villages: “Five Gentlemen and a Lady – The Culper Spy Ring by Bev Tyler.” (Facebook)

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