Reminder of the petitions filed against the members of the Parish Council of Ascension


Momentum built for recall groups attempting to oust six members of the 11-member Ascension Parish Council.

The recall organizers used both social media and in-person events to rally residents to sign petitions to recall Teri Casso, Corey Orgeron, Dempsey Lambert, Aaron Lawler, John Cagnolatti and Dal Waguespack.

Organizers have filed recall documents for Casso, who is president, and Orgeron, who is serving his first term. The groups worked on the classification of documents for the other four.

Group members expressed frustration with the council’s actions, especially with regard to flooding and infrastructure issues. They also point to the unpleasant relationship between some members of the council and the administration of the president of the parish.

The groups have previously met at VFW Hall in Gonzales to organize the campaigns. This follows the board vote to oust Chairman Clint Cointment as director of the East Ascension Drainage Board and the controversial decision to implement a nine-month moratorium on new developments instead of Cointment’s plan for a year.

By law, organizers have six months to collect the signatures of a third of the voters in each council district.

If it is met, the clerk of the parish will have to certify it. Then, a special election could be called by the governor within 15 days of receiving the certified petition.

At the end of the week, the Casso and Orgeron recall groups scheduled signature events in commercial parking lots and neighborhood residences.

Daniel "Doc" Satterlee, a former member of the Ascension Parish Council, poses as he signs the recall.

the Corey Orgeron recall and Recall of Teri Casso The Facebook pages featured a drone video of residents signing in under a pop-up tent.

Donna Jones, Orgeron’s vice president of recall, thanked Village Market and Deli for allowing the group to host a signature event in the parking lot. She said hundreds of citizens have stopped to sign and more events are planned.

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