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LISBON — Voters will see several issues in addition to county, state and federal candidates in the November ballot.

The filing deadline was Wednesday for the Nov. 8 ballot.

Local questions and issues include the following:

Columbiana County Park District, 0.35 mils, additional, park levy, five years, $647,800

Village of Wellsville, 5 mills, additional, police levy, continuous, $154,100

Wayne Township, 3 mills, additional, building construction, five years, $59,400

West Branch Local School District, 0.5% income tax, for school district purposes, five years

Township of Liverpool, 2 mills, additional, police, continuous, $26,600

Village of New Waterford, 3.5 mills, additional, fire, police and EMS, five years, $51,600

City of Salem, 1.3 mills, renewal, park tax, five years, $224,300

Village of Salineville, 3 mills, renewal, police levy, five years, $37,000

Township of Fairfield, 1.5 mill, renewal, Township of Fairfield. Fire District, five years, $147,700

Hanover Township, 1 mill, renewal, fire protection, five years, $141,700

Eastern Palestine Village, 1 mill, renewal, levy from park, five years, $44,600

Eastern Palestine Village, 2 mills, renewal, park fee, five years, $89,100

Township of Franklin, 2 mills, renewal, Franklin Township Road district, five years, $70,300

Village of Wellsville, 0.5 mill, renewal, flood wall levy, five years, $14,400

Village of Wellsville, 1.4 mills, renewal, fire royalty, five years, $37,900

City of East Liverpool, 5 mills, renewal, road tax, five years, $447,200

Township of Elkrun, 1 mill, renewal, road royalty, five years, $48,100

Village of Lisbon, renewal of 3 mills and 1.25 additional mills, cemetery fee, five years, $120,400

Rodman Public Library, 1.5 mills, renewal, current expenditures, 10 years

Town of Columbiana, 2 mills, renewal, EMS ambulance, five years, $298,400

Township of St. Clair, 3.5 mills, renewal, fire protection, five years, $427,800

Township of Knox, 1 mill, renewal, Homeworth Fire District, five years, $51,800

Township of Knox, 1 mill, renewal, North Georgetown Fire District, five years, $39,100

Township of Middleton, 2 mills, renewal, roads, five years, $128,100

Salem City School District, 2 mills, renewal, permanent improvements, five years, $352,900

Aman Anshu, LLC dba Suburban Market, D-6 Liquor Permit Off-Premise Sales of Wine and Mixed Beverages, Salem 3-A Precinct

Drunk Farmer, Sunday Sales with Local Options, Hanover North Precinct

Quaker Beverage LLC, Gene’s Drive Thru, Local Sunday Sales Option, Salem 3-C Precinct

Cadence Vault, LLC., Local Sunday Sales, East Liverpool 3-B Precinct

M&K Winery, Local Sunday Sales, East Liverpool 3-B Precinct

Taco Inc., Local Sunday Sales, East Liverpool 3-B Precinct


Residents will choose between Mike Halleck, a Republican from Salem, and Ray Wagner, a Democrat from Columbiana, for Columbiana County Commissioner. Scott A. Washam, a Republican from Salem, and Nancy Gause Milliken, a Republican from Lisbon, are both running unopposed for the Commons judge and the hearer, respectively.

Residents of eastern Palestine will also vote for an unexpired term ending December 31, 2023 for the village council. Linda L. May of Grandview Avenue and Amanda Smith of Edgewood Avenue are the candidates for this race.


Federal contests include US Senator between Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican JD Vance and US Representative for the 6th District between Republican Bill Johnson of Marietta and Democrat Eric S. Jones of Austintown.


State races include the following:

— Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted (REP)

Nan Whaley and Cheryl L. Stephens (DEM)

– Attorney General

Jeffrey A. Crossman (DEM)

Dave Yost (REP)

— State auditor

Keith Faber (REP)

Taylor Sappington (DEM)

– Secretary of State

Chelsea Clark (DEM)

Frank LaRose (REP)

Terpsehore Tore Maras (IND)

— State Treasurer

Scott Schertzer (DEM)

Robert Sprague (REP)

— Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Jennifer Brunner (DEM)

Sharon L. Kennedy (REP)

— Supreme Court Justice, FTC 1/1/23

Pat Fischer (REP)

Terri Jamison (DEM)

— Supreme Court Justice, 1/2/23

Pat DeWine (REP)

Marilyn Zayas (DEM)

– 7th District Court of Appeals Judge, FTC 2/9/23:

Gene Donofrio–Canfield (DEM)

Mark A. Hanni – Canfield (REP)

The following state contests await certification of the August 2 primary.

– State Senator, 33rd District

¯ Robert Hagan–Youngstown (DEM)

¯ Michael Anthony Rulli – Salem (REP)

– State Representative, 79th District

¯ Taylor Eastham – East Liverpool (DEM)

¯ Monica Robb Blasdel – Columbiana (REP)

– State Representative, 59th District

¯ Lauren McNally, Youngstown (DEM)

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