New ‘my CBD Organics’ store opens in Maplewood


Of my organic CBD products

The ‘my CBD Organics’ retail store officially opens its new location on Saturday, September 4 in Maplewood, New Jersey. my CBD Organics are retail stores that sell premium, non-GMO, premium CBD products that are certified and affordable. The first CBD products were made in the United States and offered the mind, body, and skin-enhancing, but non-intoxicating, power of CBD, which many academic and medical journal studies have discovered. These wellness boutiques across the country are all designed in the same bright and stylish way as the Maplewood store. Each of the hemp-derived CBD items sold in their stores can be traced online, to inform unknown customers of the products’ quality ingredients, authenticity, and lab reports; and to reassure them that CBD will not make users high. The Grand Opening proudly has the support of the City of Maplewood, the Mayor, the Maplewood Chambers of Commerce and the Maplewood Village Alliance, all of whom will have a representative in attendance at the Maplewood Avenue Opening Event.

The brand chose the County town of Essex as the location for its new boutique because the owners recognized that “Maplewood sits at the crossroads of Essex County and touches various members of the town’s diverse communities, who are largely united in their call for plant-based wellness solutions; and we are delighted to answer that call with our new location, ”said co-owner Giovanni Paul.

The rapid rise of the CBD industry has overwhelmed the market for cheap, low-quality products across the country and including in the state of New Jersey. Sellers also often have little or no education about CBD or hemp and are simply interested in selling. In contrast, all items sold in my CBD Organics stores are subject to third-party testing, which ensures that consumers will receive premium products of the highest quality, as well as free information about CBD 101 on the plant. cannabis and a deep dive into the uses of each. store products by knowledgeable customer service representatives who are trained to educate consumers on all of the great benefits that CBD has to offer.

“CBD is positioned to become a multi-billion dollar industry in 2022, and we are excited about the explosive growth of the industry and its uses for emotional, mental and physical well-being,” said Sharquana Paul, co-owner. of my CBD. Maplewood Organic Store, NJ. “We are committed to becoming the industry standard for high quality CBD products, to demonstrate that not all CBD is created equal. ”

my CBD Organics exclusively and uniquely offers one brand of CBD products in their stores, Organic Touch branded CBD products, which the company has carefully cultivated. As their additional retail stores begin to roll out across the country, company executives are confident that the excellence of their product brand, both in the way they are manufactured and in their efficiency and convenience. speed of operation, will continue to create a huge demand to become homeowners.

ABOUT my CBD Organics

my CBD Organics is a Lawrenceville, GA-based retail store that hopes to become the largest independent CBD store in the United States. They are aligned to become the most transparent CBD product makers in the country, when it comes to product quality and effectiveness. Every customer who purchases my CBD Organics products online or in store, can view their product certification with a simple search request on the my CBD Organics website. The CBD Organic Touch brand of products found in my CBD Organics stores are only sold in their stores in the United States or on their company website, exclusively.


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