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HARIPUR: A single teacher heads the government secondary school for boys in Kanikot village as the education department has failed to fill vacancies for more than three years, residents of the town said on Saturday. region to this correspondent.

According to residents of Kanikot, a remote village in Kalinjar Trade Union Council, the provincial government opened the college in the 2019 academic session. As there is no girls’ school in the area, people send their girls study with the boys and according to the school record, 15 girl students are also enrolled in grades 6, 7 and 8 in addition to 30 boys.

“Of the seven positions sanctioned, only three teachers started school in 2019 and four seats have remained vacant to date despite repeated requests to the political leadership and the education department to fill them,” said said Malik Zarnosh, a resident.

The school has seven sanctioned positions

He said the school headmaster got transferred while of the two certified teachers, one was promoted to an upper secondary school and only one CT teacher was left to manage the school. whole school.

“The only teacher stationed in the school spends most of his time maintaining order in the classrooms and could barely teach the students,” said another villager, Safdar Khan.

According to a pedagogue, there are nine subjects in 6th grade, 10 subjects in 7th grade and 11 subjects in 8th grade and the only teacher working in the school could not teach all these subjects during school hours from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

A Haripur education department official said that as per the approved policy, a college has the sanctioned posts of a principal, two CT teachers, an Islamiyat teacher, Qari, a physical education teacher and a drawing master.

This correspondent tried to contact the district education officer, Mukhtiyar Jadoon, but he did not respond to phone calls or text messages.

However, another official in his office confirmed that only one teacher was currently stationed at Kanikot Government Secondary School for Boys. He said a proposal to fill the school’s vacancies was being considered.

Posted in Dawn, September 11, 2022


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