Kongthong named “best tourist village” in India


SHILLONG, September 8: The Union Ministry of Tourism named Kongthong, the iconic village of Meghalaya, to enter the “Best Tourist Villages” of the UNWTO World Tourism Organization, along with two other villages in the country .
Besides Kongthong, Pochampally in Telangana and Ladhpura Khas in Madhya Pradesh were also nominated.
In Kongthong, each time a baby is born, the mother composes a lullaby which becomes the child’s unique identity for life. In addition, the lullaby has no words and is just a tune, a kind of hum that only the villagers are able to recognize and remember.
When a woman is pregnant in Kongthong, she thinks of a particular tune, which becomes the name of the newborn.
After the baby is born, the adults around him constantly hum this tune so that he identifies with the sound. It is an ancestral tradition in the village.
“Kongthong has the potential to attract tourists from all over the world. It is now the trademark of Meghalaya. Two years ago, even the people of Meghalaya or NEHU did not know his name. It is now a well-known destination and name. Our next challenge is to safeguard the heritage, the tradition of whistling and make the village self-sufficient, ”said Rajya Sabha MP Prof Rakesh Sinha, who adopted the village in 2019. The village has grown in importance after talking about the village of Haut Loger.
Meanwhile, the president of the Meghalaya Rural Tourism Forum, Allan West Kharkongor, on Wednesday urged the state government to correct the mistake of naming Kongthong village as the whistling village.
Kharkongor, who is said to have been the first to discover and shed light on the unique tradition of the village, said, “The unique tradition of the people of Khat-ar Shnong is not just Kongthong by attributing a song as a name to a new- not. is in no way associated with whistling. He said that this tradition of the villagers of Khat-ar Shnong where Kongthong just happens to be one of them, is in fact an act where the individual actually produces a verbal utterance of words in the form of a song when he names a child who is totally different from someone who makes a sound from his mouth in the form of a hissing sound.
Appreciating the Indian government for nominating Kongthong as the “best tourist village” before UNWTO, Kharkongor said, “I urge the government of Meghalaya and the government of India to correct the mistake by designating Kongthong as a singing village in the world. instead of whistling. town.”

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