Jersey Village residents to decide council member position and tax exemptions on homesteads


A single position on the Jersey Village City Council is contested for the upcoming May 7 election, along with a decision on property exemption taxes.

Councilmember Place 4 is contested by candidate Jim Fields and incumbent James Singleton, who has been a council member for over 4 years. Council member positions 1 and 5 are uncontested by Drew Wasson and Jennifer McCrea, respectively.

Jim Fields is a Jersey Village resident, with 30 years in the community and a decades-long career in both the private and public sectors, including parks and recreation, planning and zoning. Fields has also worked in IT as a data analyst and budget manager.

Fields advocates for full funding of the fire department, as well as a 20% exemption for homesteads and neighborhood speed reductions. Fields is against the move of the town hall, in reference to the Village Center project, and against the increase in taxes. His website is

Incumbent James Singleton has served on the board for over four years. Singleton’s priorities include building a berm to prevent flooding, rebuilding Wall Street, and keeping city services in their current location.

Singleton also advocates for the development of the Village Center for the economic development of the city and lower property taxes for citizens throughout the city. Transparency is also important to Singleton, with board meetings being streamed on YouTube. His website is

Harris County, State of Texas Propositions 1 and 2 will also be on the ballot on May 7. Proposal 1 would allow “the Legislature to provide for the reduction of the amount of a limitation on the total amount of ad valorem taxes that may be imposed for general public elementary and secondary school purposes” on elderly or disabled homeowners.

Proposition 2 has voters voting for or against “increasing the amount of the homestead ad valorem tax exemption for public schools from $25,000 to $40,000.”

Early voting begins April 25 and ends May 3. Election day is May 7.

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