Islamists demolish the houses of the Mahadalit Musahar community in Palamu, beat the victims and force them to leave the village


On Monday, Islamists from Murumatu village in Palamu district of Jharkhand launched an attack on the houses of people belonging to the Mahadalit Musahar community. They destroyed about 18 to 20 houses and huts belonging to the inhabitants of Muhasar community and forced them to leave the village. The Islamists also abused and beat the victims and dumped their valuables in the forest near Loto village in Chhatarpur.

According to reports, the incident reportedly happened on Monday afternoon in Murumatu village, in the area around Pandu police station. Frightened by the attack, no less than 50 people reached Pandu police station and demanded justice against the Islamists.

A stampede-like situation occurred in the area after the attack as many family members and young children ran everywhere for their lives. Children were seen crying and wandering in the forest of Loto village while many of them found the courage to reach Pandu police station to demand justice. There are reports that the Islamists launched the attack claiming that the Mahadalit Musahar families had illegally occupied the land which belongs to a madarsa.

Meanwhile, residents of Musahar community denied the allegations and clarified that they had been residing in the village for about 4 decades and that the land they had built their huts and houses on was GM land (government land ). “The administration moved us here after carrying out an investigation. People belonging to the Muslim community want to take possession of the land,” the victims said. cited.

Reports mention that about a dozen families became homeless amid the incident and many others were forced to leave the village. The victims loaded all their belongings into trucks and transported them to the forest near Loto village in Chhatarpur. Residents of nearby villages came to Murumatu to help residents of Musahar community but were restricted from helping due to fear of Islamists.

Of note, the incident continued to occur throughout the day, but even the police took no action against the Islamists. The incident was confirmed by Dhuma Kisku, head of Pandu police station. He said it was a land dispute and that the Islamists wanted to occupy the land which they claimed belonged to Madarsa.

Learning of the event, the Bharatiya Janata Party criticized the Hemant Soren government and said that Dalits and Tribals are not safe in the state of Jharkhand. BJP State Scheduled Caste Morcha and MLA Chairman Amar Bauri said: “It seems like this news of the attack is coming from Pakistan or Afghanistan but the truth is that this incident happened in Palamu, Jharkhand “.

The case is being investigated by the Jharkhand Police.


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