INSIDE THE VILLAGE: Rents are skyrocketing, but at least Stanley the goat still has a home


Podcast Episode 13: A recent survey found that 60% of Ontario renters have been forced to cut back on food consumption in order to pay the landlord. As rates continue to soar, the worst is yet to come

Welcome back to Inside the villagea one-of-a-kind podcast where all news is local and no subject is off limits.

In this week’s episode, we explore an issue affecting people across Ontario: skyrocketing rental rates.

As inflation continues to soar, prompting the Bank of Canada to raise its benchmark interest rate by the highest amount in more than two decades, rental costs have reached unprecedented levels. A recent survey revealed a shocking statistic: 60% of Ontario renters say they were forced to cut back on their food to pay the landlord.

Dania Majid, a lawyer with the Advocacy Center for Tenants Ontario (ACTO), joins us to talk about the unfolding crisis: how we got here, how bad things are going to get, and what the Ford government should do to help provide more affordable housing.

Also on the podcast: A Happy Ending for Stanley the Goat. Finally some good news for a change.

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