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COSHOCTON – Adversity has a way of changing the perspective. This is the case for Debbie Corder.

“Between 2012 and 2013,” she began, “I lost my parents, two very close friends and a young cousin to illnesses. I also received a dual medical diagnosis of malignant skin cancer and borderline osteoporosis. I needed to be healthy and looked for solutions.

“In early spring 2015,” she continued, “a friend of a family member introduced me to Juice Plus +. After a year of regularly consuming Juice Plus + my bone density scores have been reversed and I remain cancer free. “

Today, she and her husband, Jeff, have a Juice Plus + franchise.

“We started in the spring of 2015 with the goal of being healthier,” Jeff said, “and that led to a career for her. My role is to support her, to introduce Juice Plus + to people and to empower them. in touch with Debbie.

Debbie (Davis) Corder grew up in several places (her father was in the Air Force) until the family moved to Coshocton when she was 12. She graduated from River View High School in 1972, then earned an undergraduate degree from Ohio State and an MA from Ashland University. She retired from an “incredible educational career” from the Coshocton town school system with over 35 years of age in 2014.

“When I was in second grade,” she recalls, “I knew I would be a teacher someday. I loved my students, my colleagues and the educational environment. I only heard about Juice Plus + or its products after I retired from teaching.

Jeff Corder grew up in Coshocton until sixth grade, then moved to a farm in Tyndall. He graduated from River View in 1973, then went to Muskingum Tech for two years to study architecture.

“After high school,” he says, “I thought I would work in an architectural firm. I never thought my life would take the turn it did. In 1977, I joined the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Auxiliary. In 1980, I went to work in the Coshocton Fire Department and retired there 33 years later. During my time in the fire department, I also worked part-time for 12 years as a village deputy in Warsaw. I then spent five years working for the sheriff’s office as a school resource manager in schools in the town of Coshocton. In May 2018, I returned to work for the Town of Coshocton as a Property Code Investigator.

“My wife retired in 2014,” he continued, “and in an effort to make ourselves healthier, we started making juice. What a mess it was. A friend introduced us to Juice. Plus + and she knew right away that she wanted to join us and make us and the rest of us healthy, and naturally I supported her decision.

“I wake up every day with passion and a purpose in my life,” Debbie concluded. “Am I satisfied with where the path of life has taken me?” I can answer with a categorical yes.

Her husband agreed.

“I’m very happy with what life has led me to do,” Jeff summed up. “I had the pleasure of serving the residents of the Town and County of Coshocton in one capacity or another for 44 years in December and I didn’t feel like it was just a job. . ”

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