From swimming pools to DJ equipment, Maverick IQ makes IoT accessible to SMEs


The team behind Maverick IQ knows that obsolete technologies cost businesses more than they save. Some estimates suggest that US companies lose up to $ 1.8 billion every year due to outdated technology. This is especially important in the smart manufacturing and building sector, which represents an estimated market of $ 35 billion.

They want a share of that $ 35 billion market.

Maverick IQ provides IoT solutions to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint as well as operating and maintenance costs, operate more safely, and increase reliability, performance and operational flexibility through its management products of smart assets. They also offer website and application development services with a focus on the property management, manufacturing and warehouse industries.

Co-founders Dalero berkeley, Praveen Uppaluri, and Kelly mcginnis have worked together in various roles for over 10 years, and their combined passion for technology drove them to create Maverick IQ.

Historically, small and medium businesses have not been able to adopt extensive IoT solutions due to high costs and limited staff. The application of Maverick IQ is not only affordable, but also independent of industry, OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) and age of equipment, allowing businesses of all types to optimize costs and performance.

“One of our main objectives is to reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the installations. This would help reduce waste and make facility operations “greener”, ”Berkley said.

This versatility allows Maverick IQ to work with a variety of businesses.

Their first client was a community pool, where they implemented remote operator access and control. By scanning pool assets, operators were automatically alerted to equipment failures and were able to help clear pool fog during the winter months with additional operational improvements.

“Our IoT solution is platform independent, so it communicates well with existing platforms that customers may already own,” Berkeley said. “As a result, it is relatively inexpensive and very versatile in terms of use and compatibility.”

Although Maverick IQ was officially founded in Boston in November 2019, Atlanta is truly where Maverick IQ found his legs. Their first two proofs of concept were conducted in Atlanta and they landed their first clients in Atlanta. He has been the epicenter of the team’s growth and focus.

Their first deep dive into the Atlanta startup ecosystem came through Atlanta Tech Village (MTB) It takes a village Program, which gives startups led by women and people of color the opportunity to directly access community, education, mentorship and capital. Through the program, Maverick IQ won the Truist scholarship and obtained free community membership in the Village.

“With the help of mountain bikes, Invest in Atlanta, and Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC), we expect Atlanta to play an increasing role in the success of Maverick IQ, ”Berkeley said. “To date, Atlanta has played a central role in the creation and growth of our business.

One of Maverick IQ’s new customers is Wing Scene, a local company that shares cutting-edge professional audio and DJ equipment. In addition to platform development, Maverick IQ plans to install sensors on its DJ equipment to track location in real time and determine if the equipment has been exposed to harsh conditions such as a fall, l humidity or high temperatures.

“The future looks bright,” Berkeley said. “With the help of the Atlanta startup ecosystem, we were able to prove our technology to several clients. Now is the time to focus more on sales and marketing.

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