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US Forest Service press release:

COMMUNITY MEETINGS: Today there will be two Monument Fire information gatherings for the communities of Hyampom and Hayfork. The first will be at 11 a.m. at the Hyampom Fire Station (22547 Hyampom Road), and the second at 2 p.m. at Hayfork Park (Community Drive).


Resources:1,438 people, 26 crews, 85 engines, 9 helicopters, 29 bulldozers, 9 water supplies, 15 masticators

Current situation: The Monument Fire is approximately 208,265 acres and 43 percent contained. Last night, due to increased humidity and cooler temperatures, most areas around the fire perimeter experienced minimal fire activity, with the exception of the northwest side, at the east of Trinity Village. The teams conducted a defensible fire operation along Denny Road near Dyer Creek towards Bell Creek to stop the advancing fire front.

Today the priority is northwest east of Trinity Village and southwest near Hayfork. West of Hayfork, crews continue to work on the existing plan to use Butter Creek Road to contain the fire. When conditions permit this afternoon, a defensible shooting operation will be implemented to clear unburned vegetation between the road and the advance of the fire.

On the northwest side, the fire will become more active this morning due to the prevailing winds and steep terrain. The teams will continue to shoot along Denny Road and defend the structure. A second portable fire retardant base is being established for helicopters at Burnt Ranch. Helicopters will be able to fill large buckets of retarder, from tanks on the ground, and transport it more quickly to areas on the north side of the fire.

To the north, in the wilderness of the Trinity Alps, the fire is currently 5 miles from the river complex. There is no planned strategy for letting fires grow together. As firefighting resources become available, aggressive action will be taken to contain the blaze.

On the northeast side of the fire, crews continue to reinforce the containment line from East Fork Road to Backbone Ridge. A finger of the fire has crossed the East Fork North Fork Trinity River and crews continue to work on building a containment line around the active fire. Structural defense engines continue to operate in the Canyon Creek area.

WEATHER AND FIRE BEHAVIOR: A more typical weather pattern is expected today as high pressure recovers in the area. Upper west-southwest flow will increase temperatures and decrease humidity.


  • Denny Road is closed at the Ziegler Point Road intersection.
  • Hyampom Road is closed between Cedar Gulch Road and St. John Road.
  • Big Creek Road, Soldier Creek Road, Barker Valley Road, Barker Creek Road, and Carr Creek Road are closed.
  • Big French Creek and Big Mountain roads are closed.
  • A segment of State Route 299 between mile post 7.4 (near Burnt Ranch on Berg Road) and mile post 36.3 (just west of Helena) is open to through traffic and residents according to the following schedule: Monday to Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., an escort vehicle drives traffic through the closure every 1.5 hours. At night, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., the road is only open to residents with proof of address.

MONUMENT FIRE EVACUATIONS (Trinity County): The following information was taken directly from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Evacuation orders and warnings may be issued or change suddenly; if you have questions about evacuation limits, call the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at 530-623-2611.

  • Order: All areas along Denny Road northeast of Zeigler Point Road through Denny to the edge of Trinity Alps Wilderness
  • Order: All areas along Hyampom Road from Grassy Flat Road west to St. John Road. This includes Bar 717 Camp. All areas south of the intersection of FS Road 10 / St. John Road south to Sydney Lane. From Sydney Lane north-east via FS Road 10 / St. John Road to Oak Ridge
  • Order: Tule Creek Road intersection at Jesse Road, south along Tule Creek Road to FS Road 31N31 intersection, west on Tule Creek Road / FS Road 10 to FS Road 7, to west of FS Road 7 along Tule Creek Road / FS Road 10 to Oak From Oakridge Ridge to FS Road 3N08. All areas along Tule Creek Road / FS Road 10 through Indian Valley. Roads and areas included are Land Acre Road, Mule Lovers Lane, Buck Gulch, Cow Gulch and Tule Divide
  • Order: all areas along Hyampom Road east from Drinkwater Gulch to Cedar Gulch Road, from Cedar Gulch south to Tule Creek Road to Green Gate Road, including all residences on Turkey Track Road, Doctor Lane , Digger Gulch, Shangri Lane, Green Gate Road, and McAlexander Road
  • Order: All areas along both sides of Hyampom Road between Lucky Jeep Trail and Drinkwater Gulch, including Fox Lane, Drinkwater Gulch and Phares Lane
  • Order: All areas along Hyampom Road between Lucky Jeep Trail and Halfway Ridge
  • Order: Helena / East Fork Road, Hobo Gulch Road, Big Mountain Road, and Big French Creek Road
  • Disclaimer: All areas of Hawkins Bar and Trinity Village north of State Route 299 between Suzie Q Road and Gray Falls Campground, including Suzie Q Road, Denny Road to Ziegler Point Road, Lone Pine Road, Big Oak Road, China Flat Road, Flame Tree Road, Coon Creek Road, Pony Creek Road, Gray Flat Road, Emerald City Lane and Ammon Road
  • Warning: All areas along Hyampom Road from Cedar Gulch to State Route 3 are subject to an evacuation warning. This includes Circle Drive, Highland Drive, North Vista Lane, Murray Lane and Bean Gulch and North Talco Way.
  • Warning: All areas south of Hyampom Road along State Route 3 to Salt Creek Growers. All areas west on Tule Creek Road from State Route 3 to Jesse Lane
  • Warning: All areas east of Hyampom Road, north and south of State Route 3 to Big Creek Road. All areas south of Big Creek Road to Morgan Hill Road / Coonrod Gulch. From Coonrod Gulch in the southwest through Kingsbury Gulch to State Route 3. This includes everything Hayfork proper
  • Warning: Denny Road east of Ziegler Point Road through Denny to the edge of Trinity Alps Wilderness
  • Warning: Canyon Creek Road at Junction City


Means: 191 people, 4 crews, 28 engines, 2 bulldozers, 1 water supply tank

Current situation: The Knob Fire is approximately 2,421 acres and 98 percent content. On the northwest perimeter of the fire, an approximately quarter-mile section of the line of fire along Panther Ridge remains the priority. Firefighters will continue to reinforce the line of fire on Panther Ridge as well as patrol the perimeter of the fire, extinguishing all visible hot spots.

FIRE EXHAUST BUTTON (Humboldt County): The following information was taken directly from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office website and the Humboldt County Evacuation Map. Evacuation orders or warnings can be issued or changed quickly; If you have questions about evacuation limits, call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-268-2500.

  • Warning: All areas east of Brushy Mountain Lookout Road / FS Road 6N08A to Humboldt / Trinity County Line, south of the Trinity River to Bremer Creek to China Creek
  • Warning: All areas east of Boise Creek to the Humboldt / Trinity County line, south of the Trinity River to Victor Creek

EVACUATION CENTERS: American Red Cross, Northwestern California Chapter, 707-832-5480

  • Fire Hall Pavilion, 9 Park Street, Fortuna
  • First Baptist Church, 1261 Main Street, Weaverville

LOCAL ASSISTANCE CENTER (LAC): A local assistance center will be operating at Veteran’s Memorial Hall (109 Memorial Drive) in Weaverville on Saturday, September 11, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

FOREST CLOSURES: The USDA Forest Service has temporarily closed all of California’s national forests. Direct questions to 707-562-9113 or [email protected]

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