Emmerdale character to be murdered as villainous Meena makes the village’s first victim


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  • June 28, 2021

Paige Sandhu as Meena

“Emmerdale” bosses have confirmed that character will meet her creator in the Dales next week, as villainous Meena Jutla makes her first victim in the village

A character from Emmerdale will be murdered next week, as villainous Meena Jutla makes her first victim in the village.

Paige Sandhu’s calculating character has grown more and more erratic in recent weeks, and she will eventually be pushed to the limit in future episodes.

The star said: “It’s great to play a character who is on a completely different wavelength from everyone else, who always has a hidden agenda and will do anything to get what she wants.

“Her lack of empathy and playfulness make her a very exciting character.

“He’s the strangest character I’ve played for sure, but also the funniest.”

Meena is about to wreak havoc in the village with her murderous ways as she becomes “narcissistic and amoral”.

Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks added: “Meena has been a whirlwind since arriving in the village, plotting and manipulating people and situations to get what she wants and causing nothing but drama and heartache. unnecessary love in the process.

“Her seemingly benevolent façade belies her true personality; a woman with a troubled past and without a conscience.

“Meena’s lack of empathy is often seen by those around her as little more than spoiled petulance, however, we quickly learn the true extent of her narcissistic and amoral character.

“The malicious Meena will wreak havoc in the village and once she catches her sights on you, no one is safe from her devious and dangerous schemes.

“This scenario will see viewers in awe when they realize that this is a woman capable of anything and everything.”

While it is known that a character will meet their creator, it has not been revealed which one will be repelled.


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