Edinburgh community proposes to derail development that will double village size


A local community council has voiced strong objections to plans to double the size of an Edinburgh village.

The Currie Community Council (CCC) released a three-page document in response to plans for a large housing development on Greenbelt lands.

The plans, originally drawn up last week, will see Currie’s square footage nearly double, with the site to see hundreds of homes, a new road, and commercial units built.

Launched by CALA, a consultation is currently online before formal proposals are submitted to Edinburgh City Council.

In its response, the CCC highlighted a number of points and issues that they believe should prevent development from continuing, such as the environment, wildlife and agriculture.

A specific response from the city council stated:

“This request concerns a site in the green belt, the development is almost entirely in the green belt with the exception of an access road to the west. Additionally, development here would close the wildlife corridor that connects Heriot-Watt to the north and Currie to the south.

“According to the Housing Land Audit, there are at least 9 years of land supply in Edinburgh. The southwest region around Currie provides a sizable contribution, as noted in the PDL, so the supply of land should not be seen as a driver for this site.

“This land is prime agricultural land and therefore should not be built.”

Speaking at the time of their consultation, CALA said the plans would have the opposite effect on the local community.

Derek Lawson, Director of Strategic Lands at CALA Homes (East), said: “The Currievale site provides an opportunity to prepare a cohesive master plan for the region.

“CALA sees this proposal as more than just a development site, but as an opportunity to create broader benefits for the existing community. “


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