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JANGAON: A village revenue assistant (VRA), N Abbaiah, and his family organized a rasta roko on Saturday on the Siddipet-Suryapet (NH) national road, demanding that the social boycott imposed on them by the elders of the community Mudiraj in Devaruppula village be withdrawn.

Abbayah said a few days ago the village caste elders decided to appoint the VRAs through the rotation system. He urged them not to and wanted them to make his post permanent. The elders agreed, but asked him to pay Rs 3 lakh in return, which would be used for community development. He managed to pay them Rs 2 lakh, but as he could not pay the rest, the elders decided to ban him and his family from the whole community.

Women in the family were barred from participating in a Bathukamma celebration hosted by community members on Friday. Devastated by the incident, Abbayah again approached the elders, but his efforts at reconciliation were unsuccessful. The VRA protest on Saturday brought traffic to a halt on the NH. Devaruppula (SI) Deputy Inspector M Raju and other police officers rushed to the scene and convinced the family to end their protest.

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