Construction of the Hawthorndale Care Village is expected to begin in September 2022

Paddy O'Brien, member of the Hawthorndale Care Village Charitable Trust working group, for the construction announcement starting September 2022.

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Paddy O’Brien, member of the Hawthorndale Care Village Charitable Trust working group, for the construction announcement starting September 2022.

Construction of a village specially designed for people with dementia will begin in September 2022, it has been announced.

The Hawthorndale Care Village is a multi-million dollar community model developed by an Invercargill Charitable Trust.

Charitable Trust task force member Paddy O’Brien said escalating construction costs prompted the task force to reconsider its stance, which helped streamline the design to cut costs, while while maintaining the vision of the village.

“We are very happy that our project team was able to successfully rework the design without losing any of the benefits of the village environment concept to deliver a world-class vision of elderly care. “

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The next design phase is expected to be completed by November, he said.

The targeted start date in September would depend on the absence of disruptions with Covid-19, O’Brien said.

Either way, he was happy that they were able to keep moving forward on the project.

People asked when we were going to start. We had to do due diligence; we did it. We’ve taken a look at our pricing… we’ve revamped our model, and now we’re in the final concept design, and we’re looking at a September start date, so we’ve got something to really aim for now. “

There were plans in place for a fundraising function to be announced later in the year, he said.

Hawthorndale Care Village would be a true village environment with landscaped gardens and streets, as well as a range of residential care accommodation in the first stage, including 13 retirement homes for the elderly for 86 residents and 10 independent retirement villas. .

Christchurch-based architecture firm Foley Group Architecture is designing the project.

Architect Rob Campbell said the focus remains on creating lively recreation areas that connect and provide a sense of calm engagement within the village.

“The vision is to create serviced residences, which reproduce everyday life as normal as possible, in a safe, secure and stimulating environment. “

Maxis Projects construction project manager Nick Hamlin has said he will seek registration of market interest from leading contractors in civil, residential and commercial construction.

The Hawthorndale Village project is expected to generate 300 jobs during its construction phase and, when opened, would create 11 new jobs and retain 87 jobs from the Calvary Hospital transition.

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