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FLUSHING – The long-awaited construction of a new Convenient Food Mart began on Saturday as store owners and management as well as village officials inaugurated the land.

Convenient Food Mart owner and franchisee Doug Cash said he is happy construction is finally underway and is slated to open in spring 2022.

In 2018, Cash and his team of owners, who operate a number of CFM and Loading Zone stores in the area, took over the ailing Convenient franchise from Flushing, but informed Mayor Angelo Vincenzo that to continue operating in the village , a new building would definitely be essential. .

saying that heating and maintaining the old building eroded any potential benefits.

Cash also successfully requested that a measure be put on the November ballots of that year to allow residents to decide whether to allow take-out sales of liquor into the store, explaining during a public forum that their business depended on the profitability of various categories including gasoline, groceries, hot food and alcohol.

The ballot measure passed and Cash was eventually able to purchase the property, but the nationwide closure due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 hampered any progress towards the start of construction.

Another member of the owners team, Chuck Scherich, said the new building, which will be built behind and adjacent to the current store, will be considerably easier to maintain and be much more energy efficient.

Scherich also said the new building will allow hot food to be served again, saying this was one of their customers’ top requests.

Cash expressed appreciation for Mayor Vincenzo’s efforts who were instrumental in keeping Convenient at Flushing and said that when he learned Vincenzo was stepping down at the end of June, they decided it was imperative to start the new store so that he can participate. .

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