Community Support Brings New Changes to Sabarkantha Village Government School


From less than 50% in class 10 and more than 100 students enrolled outside the village in private schools covering a distance of up to 100 kilometers, Kubadharol high school turned around with more than 93% results and not a only student in the village looking for secondary education outside the village.

With the community resolution passed in 2017, Kubadharol, a small village in Vadali taluka of Sabarkantha district, not only provided infrastructure for the village school, but also decided that no parent would send their children out of the village for studies.

“Until 2017-2018, more than 100 children from the village went to private schools as far as Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. In the same year, the school‘s Class 10 result was less than 50%,” Kubadharol Yuvak Mandal President Ravindra K Patel said.

“In the same year, the villagers came together, organized infrastructure in the school like computers and projectors while Ahmedabad-based Dr KR Shroff Foundation helped the school with their teachers for grades 9 and 10. We held meetings with parents and passed a resolution that no child would leave the village for secondary education,” Patel added.

The Yuvak Mandal runs the high school – Classes 9 and 10 of Kubadharol Subsidized High School attached to the Government Primary School.

Ravindra is one such parent whose son Chaitanya completed class 10 in the village with 87% in 2020 while daughter Nishtha, a student in class 9, obtained the first position in the National Merit cum Means Scholarship exam ( NMMS).

Convincing the parents was not easy at first, says Hiteshbhai Patel, the principal of Kubadharol High School. “We held repeated meetings with all the parents and convinced them that with the infrastructure like digital aids and teachers available at the school, it is on the same level as any other private school they send their children to. “, Patel said.

“It was difficult at first, but as the results got better, the parents trusted us and things got better. In the 2020 SSC exam, 36 students appeared for the exam of the board, 78% of which could pass.This year, in the class 10 examination, 30 students had appeared, of which 28 students passed class 10 with a pass percentage above 93% while 3 students obtained more by 90%,” he added.

Vasubhai Patel, father of Kavya, who achieved 94% of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Class 10 results in 2022, said, “Because there were no teachers in the secondary school , students were forced to leave the village for grades 9 and 10. But after Kubadharol School received support from the foundation with math, science and English teachers for students in grades 9 and 10 and the infrastructure has improved, we have decided not to send our children outside the village and we are happy that we have made this decision.

“Dr. KR Shroff Foundation started working with Kubadharol School in 2012. At that time, children of agricultural workers and from low-income backgrounds studied in public primary schools and majority of children in the village studied in schools private to Vadali. Gradually, the academic performance and attendance of the students have improved thanks to the committed and dedicated efforts of the teachers of the Dr KR Shroff Foundation,” says Uday Desai, President of the Dr KR Shroff Foundation.

This has also seen increased school enrolment. From high school enrollment (Class 9 and 10) to 52 in the year 2017, it is 76 in the year 2022-23.


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