Chandigarh: Lesser Bid for Legacy Waste Mining Too High, MC Must Bargain | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: The lowest offer of Rs 79 crore for mining the waste inherited from the city dumped at Dadumajra is higher even than the bid amount of Rs 68 crore, so the municipality will negotiate with the company for a more reasonable cost.
Of the three out of six bids qualified for financial and technical reasons, when the lowest quote was reported to senior engineering officers, they said they should discuss the financial issue with the company first . This was the second tender for legacy waste mining and even the first had not matured due to financial issues. The successful bidder has to remove a mountain of 8 lakh metric tons of waste, so finding one has been hard work.
In April, the MC held a pre-tender meeting with 15 interested parties to hear their questions, issues, and plan for execution.
Chandigarh generates around 550 tonnes of waste per day, but its Sector 25 recycling plant is unable to process that much waste, so most of that waste is dumped at Dadumajra.
The villagers of Dadumajra and residents of Sector 38 West want the municipality to move the garbage treatment plant from the area due to the bad smells and malfunctioning.
They raised this issue even in the last Lok Sabha elections. They claim that the factory and associated dump was affecting their health and local environment. Many residents said they planned to move to move because the civic body did not take the issue seriously.
The United Residents Front claims to have gathered from the doctors at the Dadumajra dispensary that it was receiving many cases of tuberculosis, dengue fever, typhoid, lung congestion and malaria from the village. Residents of neighboring areas fear similar infections.

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