Carrollton to create a new municipal park on the old school property


CARROLLTON – Thanks to a donation from the local school system, village officials have part of the property that will be transformed into a municipal park.

The 9.8-acre site, a former sports training ground, sits just east of Fifth Street NE and Stewart Avenue NE, a short distance north of downtown. The Carrollton Exempted Village Board of Education transfers the land to the village.

“We are now completing the transfer of the deed,” said village administrator Mark Wells. “I would like to think that in August we will have it officially in our possession. It is a park that will be located in the center. It was a former land that the school used for sports purposes.”

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With the recent opening of a new high and middle school complex in the 200 block of Scio Road SE, Carrollton Exempted Village Board of Education has reduced its presence in the northeastern part of the village.

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What are the plans for the new Carrollton Park?

The planned new park site now contains a softball field, running track and football training ground.

“The softball field will stay,” Wells said. “We’re going to lay an 8 foot wide walking track. It will be on top of the existing ash track. It will be a quarter of a mile (long). We hope to install the track and new lighting this summer.”

Carrollton will develop a new park here north of downtown.  The Carrollton Exempted Village Board of Education donated the 9.8 acre site to the village.

What could end up being the jewel in the crown is the playground, which was preserved for months after the village acquired it.

“We’re going to locate a $ 100,000 playground equipment,” Wells said. “We bought it for two years and it stayed in the register.”

It was expected that community members would come together and set up the equipment. But concerns about the spread of the coronavirus prompted village officials to reverse the plan.

Carrollton is now seeking a grant of $ 33,364 from the NatureWorks program of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to pay the vendor to install the playground equipment.

“Because of everything that happened, we weren’t able to bring the community together,” said Taylor Kolanko, a sales associate at DWA Recreation, the Cincinnati-area company that provided the equipment for the kids. Playground. “Originally we were going to be supervisors and community members to come together and build the playground. This is what we call supervised community building. It could be a very inclusive park. It will be their community’s biggest playground. . “

The resort offers various play activity stations. Its brand name is GameTime Inclusive Playground.

There are other elements that village officials want to integrate into their new park.

“We talked about a filed football practice,” Wells said. “At some point we would like to set up a picnic shelter, a pavilion and some type of toilet. We would like to do that sort of thing over the next two years, depending on the grants available.”

Carrollton seeks grants to make improvements

The Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association provides assistance with filing the grant application. It is one of four agencies that work to promote economic development in counties in the Appalachian region of Ohio.

“We drafted the grant (request) to hopefully get funding to have it put together,” said Trina Woodland of the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association. “Usually these grants we don’t hear about until the fall of the year. They have a big plan for this land. They really have a big vision.”

Carrollton currently has three other parks, but only one, Kiddi Land Park, is in the village. The other two, Ann Green Memorial Park and Vets Club Park, are outside of Carrollton.

“We keep them out of the village,” Wells said.

Carrollton exempt village superintendent David Quattrochi and board chair Rose Seck could not be reached for comment.

“I think the reason the school was open for donation to the village was the vision of a park,” Wells said. “We never thought of selling it to a real estate developer. “

Currently, the land that will become the new Carrollton Park does not yet have an official name.

“Right now everyone is calling it Fifth Street Park,” Wells said.

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Carrollton will develop a new park here north of downtown.  The Carrollton Exempted Village Board of Education donated the 9.8 acre site to the village.


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