AutoZone to Add Store to Village Shoppes on Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem Township | Lehigh Valley Regional News


AutoZone Inc., a retail chain with more than 6,800 stores, is adding a location in Bethlehem Township.

The new auto outlet will be at the Bethlehem Village Shoppes, just north of the township’s border with the city of Bethlehem on Nazareth Pike (Route 191). AutoZone took pride of place on the Village Shoppes sign facing the road.

The new store is also close to the proposed Wawa for Nazareth Pike on the site of the former Leiser rental store.

Work continues inside the new outlet, which takes space from an enclosed gym and other storefronts. Other retailers in the Bethlehem Village Shoppes include Atlantis Aquatics, a dive shop; BLOC, a marijuana dispensary and the Callahan driving school.

As of May 7, AutoZone had 6,115 stores in the United States, 673 in Mexico and 58 in Brazil for a total of 6,846, according to a recent press release. The chain is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AZO.

AutoZone shares were trading at $2,201.35 each as of 3:33 p.m.

AutoZone hasn’t split its shares – increasing the number of shares and lowering the price – since 1994. A split can convert one share, for example, into 10, and each share would then trade at 1/10th of the price closing of the previous day. .

Shares of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, split 20-to-1 on Friday. A share of Alphabet was trading at around $2,200 on Friday. On Monday, the holder of a Friday stock at around $2,200 held 20 shares, each valued at $108.77 at the close.

Stock splits don’t add value any more than cutting a pizza into 16 slices instead of 8 adds more food. Instead, a split puts stock buying within the reach of small investors by reducing the cost.


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